Wednesday, 9 January 2013

So here we are, day 4.
I have actually achieved something today. I have cleaned up the house, vac'd the floors and swept them. Cleaned the sofa - they were filthy as opposed to messy. Plaster dust will do that to a house.
I also had time to play a few games on the Wii with the kids. I have to say, both my kids are guns at the Bowling on Wii Sports. I got thrashed each time. I did beat them at tennis, but give it time, and I will have to work hard to beat my son at this.
Also made a yummy dinner for us, with enough for DH lunch tomorrow.
Only thing not achieved again, was exercise. But one thing at a time. I will get there.

Sorry to bore you all. Not much has really happened. I've had to have a few words with the kids, but that is about it. Which has been a relief. They slept in this morning. Mind you they weren't so happy about being dragged out to take some keys to their Dad at work, but they will live, they did infact.

So I am going to achieve my early bed tonight, if you can call 10.40pm early, But compared to the 12am if not later bedtimes, it is a heck of a lot better.

Night all

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well, I woke up with a migraine this morning. Tomorrow morning I need to start getting up with Chris. This is ridiculous, getting up so late.
Not much in the way of energy this morning. I took the paperwork for DH op to the hossy today, and dropped in to see a friend of mine. Was nice to catch up. We haven't been able to catch up lately, especially with our kids being at different kinders. All fun.
Came home. Still no energy.
In fact I had no energy up until hubby came home. He started cleaning, so the kitchen is now tidy, Hubby's lunch is made - and tastes totally yum, I might add.

I also had a spiritual belt over the head. I have been writing for a while, and I have a novel just about completed. I was going to try something and submit to a major publisher, but an article on self publishing was on a survey I was doing .Ironic as I had only thought about doing this today. So I am back to self publishing and will go from there. So keep your eyes open!

So Tomorrow. Early to rise and yoga. Not just a few stretches. And breakfast for me too. Skipping it and eating the wrong foods later on.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Well 2nd day in and it hasn't all happened as planned.

So the second day of my life change today. Instead of spending just one hour cleaning today, I spent 3 hours. The bonus is that you can see my ensuite and my bedroom floor in parts. The ensuite is totally clean though.
I didn't get in to the front lounge to do yoga. Given that it was 39 degrees here today, the front room resembles a sauna rather than a loungeroom. I also didn't get up early. Partly because I didn't go to bed early. So tonight is early bed.

I did go off at the kids. I am trying not to get stuck into them as much. But I assumed that the new knife block being on the floor in the loungeroom was the kids doing. The knives are so sharp that they cut through meat like it is butter. So little fingers near them just freaked me out. Then I assumed that the kids were lying to me when they both denied knowledge of it being on the floor. The truth is that they fell off the top of the cupboard this morning and DH didn't pick them up. I have apologised to the kids, and they are fine with it, but I feel bad about yelling at them. I guess that is life. DD1 has a habit of lying and she lies like a pro. And DS is a hopeless liar. But the whole situation is scary. I did show them later on how sharp the knives were, so they get why I don't want them near the knives at all.

Anyway, my migrainey headache has disappeared, so I have had half a glass of wine, and I am relaxing at the moment, before I start getting the kids organised for bed,

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My life decision

So here I am at, at 36 years of age. I am still suffering with a back injury done over 18 months ago. Not to mention all the other aches and pains that I have. Plus I have just come through depression. I have decided that it is time to take charge of my life again...that is if I ever was in charge of it.
So I have created a vision board. My aims are to save as much money as possible, go to bed early and get up early and exercise everyday. I know the exercise will help me mentally as well as physically.
So here I go, the new Lawsie is on her way!