Monday, 7 January 2013

Well 2nd day in and it hasn't all happened as planned.

So the second day of my life change today. Instead of spending just one hour cleaning today, I spent 3 hours. The bonus is that you can see my ensuite and my bedroom floor in parts. The ensuite is totally clean though.
I didn't get in to the front lounge to do yoga. Given that it was 39 degrees here today, the front room resembles a sauna rather than a loungeroom. I also didn't get up early. Partly because I didn't go to bed early. So tonight is early bed.

I did go off at the kids. I am trying not to get stuck into them as much. But I assumed that the new knife block being on the floor in the loungeroom was the kids doing. The knives are so sharp that they cut through meat like it is butter. So little fingers near them just freaked me out. Then I assumed that the kids were lying to me when they both denied knowledge of it being on the floor. The truth is that they fell off the top of the cupboard this morning and DH didn't pick them up. I have apologised to the kids, and they are fine with it, but I feel bad about yelling at them. I guess that is life. DD1 has a habit of lying and she lies like a pro. And DS is a hopeless liar. But the whole situation is scary. I did show them later on how sharp the knives were, so they get why I don't want them near the knives at all.

Anyway, my migrainey headache has disappeared, so I have had half a glass of wine, and I am relaxing at the moment, before I start getting the kids organised for bed,

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