Sunday, 6 January 2013

My life decision

So here I am at, at 36 years of age. I am still suffering with a back injury done over 18 months ago. Not to mention all the other aches and pains that I have. Plus I have just come through depression. I have decided that it is time to take charge of my life again...that is if I ever was in charge of it.
So I have created a vision board. My aims are to save as much money as possible, go to bed early and get up early and exercise everyday. I know the exercise will help me mentally as well as physically.
So here I go, the new Lawsie is on her way!


  1. Go Laura... I'm kind of doing the same thing, but want to focus on the house side of things for the first month of the year, and then when school goes back excercise and food...